USA made

"crown lubricant"
"aervoe lubricant"


"Multi-purpose lubricant"

7340 - All 4

Cleaning + Protection + Penetration + Lubrication 

"6060 crown dry moly lubricant "

6080 - Dry Moly Lubricant

Quick drying lubricant leaves a thin film that provides extreme pressure lubrication.

"7007 crown galvanize coating "

7007- Cold Galvanize Coating 93% Zinc Rich 

Corrosion฀prevention.฀฀Its zinc-rich formula is designed for permanent protection.


"metalworking fluids "


"automotive machinery lubricant"

Automotive Utility Service

"Galvanized and Steel Coating"

Galvanized & Stainless Steel Coatings

"Mold Release and Protection"

Molding Operation 

" Crown Fault finder - non destructive test system"

Non-Destructive Test Inspection

"Chain friction reduction"

Friction Reduction

"food grade lubricant "

Food Grade Solutions

"engine , chain , parts , Machinery , metal rust protection"

Rust Protection

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