Metal Working  Compounds & Fluids 

"887- Welding Anti-Spatter"

887- Welding Anti-Spatter

RM 31.90/can MYR
Water-based, no flash formula provides a protective coating to aid in the removal of weld spatter.  Helps to keep welding tips and nozzles clean.
  • Prevents weld spatter from adhering to surrounding metal surfaces
  • Leaves a transparent, light yellow, tacky film that visually certifies proper coverage
  • Highly heat resistant and flameproof when applied as directed
  • Contains no silicones

Applications:  welding and torch cutting devices including MIG and TIG nozzles and tips and electrode holders.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 14 oz / 414 ml
Case Pack: 12

"6001-Toolmaker’s Ink Blue"

6001-Toolmaker’s Ink Blue

RM 40.70/can MYR
Specially formulated blue layout fluid is used in tool and die making, pattern making, machining and other related applications.
  • Dries instantly; will not peel, flake, or rub off
  • Ultimate coverage for accurate scribing without glare
  • Excellent adhesion to all metals, aluminum and glass
  • Easily removed with #6095 Toolmaker’s Ink Remover
  • Heat resistant, non-corrosive formula

Applications:  tool and die making, pattern making, machining, templates, machined parts, and maintenance mechanicals.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 12 oz / 355 ml
Case Pack: 12