Automotive Utility Service 

7340-All 4 

( Cleaning/Protection/Penetration/Lubrication)

RM 42.90/can MYR
Does All-4! Cleans, penetrates, lubricates & protects. Excellent moisture displacement.  Low surface tension yields complete penetration and permits the lubricant to travel easily into small cracks and along threaded fasteners.  It displaces moisture and penetrates deep to loosen scale and rust on frozen or sticking parts.
  • Silicone free lubricant that forms a clear film and penetrates deep into parts
  • Does not leave a gummy residue
  • Forms a protective barrier against future corrosion and moisture damage
  • Sprays in any direction

Provides excellent moisture barrier and corrosion protection for electronic parts on automotive and industrial equipment.Applications:  Perfect for common industrial parts, cables, chains and wheels.  Use on bulbs and sockets, circuit breakers, cables, elevators, generators, ignition systems, lift trucks, coils, vending machines, lawn mowers, machinery, spare parts, nuts and bolts, wheels, bicycles, transformers, etc.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 11 oz / 325 ml
Case Pack: 12

"937 Rust Preventive Lubricant with PTFE"


RM 58.30/can MYR
Rust Preventive Lubricant with PTFE .A superior lubricant with high-grade petroleum oils, solvents, and micron-sized PTFE to provide the finest multi-component penetrating lubricant system available. 
  • Protects against corrosion, displaces moisture
  • Keeps equipment running longer
  • Reduces friction and increases part life
  • Reduces costly breakdowns caused by work and dirty parts
  • Penetrate inaccessible areas with extension tube
  • Spray-Any-Way valve allows application in any direction or position
  • Performs at temperatures from -60°F to 475°F (-51°C to 246°C)
  • Meets MIL-C-372B (small arms bore cleaner), MIL-C-23411/A (corrosion preventive compound), VV-P-216B (penetrating oil), VV-L-820C (general purpose lubricating oil), and VV-L-751C (chain, wire rope lubricating oil)

Applications:  chains, bearings, gears, sprockets, conveyors, electric motors and switches, locks, air tools, weapons, office machines, and home appliances/repairs.  Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 11 oz / 325 ml
Case Pack: 12


"7037 Lithium Grease"

7037- Lithium Grease

RM 51.70/can MYR
Lithium Grease is a long-lasting and versatile lubricant.  It is a translucent liquid with a light creamy consistency that penetrates and forms a water-resistant protective film.  It will withstand all loads, temperatures and speeds. NLGI Grade 1
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Will not run or wash away
  • Withstands temperatures from -70°F to 360°F (-57°C to 182°C)
  • Eliminates squeaks and squeals
  • Indoor/ outdoor, all weather conditions

Application: Use as a break-in lubricant for long-term protection against corrosion.  May be used on a variety of metal to metal moving parts including gears, ball and roller bearings, speed reducers, cables, cams, pistons, chains, overhead door tracks, hinges, cranking mechanisms, and locks.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 11 oz / 325 ml
Case Pack: 12

"7041-Moly Grease"

7041-Moly Grease

RM 66.00/can MYR
This high-grade molybdenum disulfide lubricant waterproofs and rustproofs while under heavy stress and vibration.
•฀ Prevents฀seizing฀and฀galling
•฀ Stays฀in฀place฀under฀extreme฀pressure฀loads;฀ will not leak out
•฀ Performs฀at฀temperatures฀up฀to฀450°F฀(232°C)

Application :฀฀Electric motor bearings, open or exposed gears, fan bearings, pump bearings, conveyor bearings, power take-off, wire rope, fifth wheels on tractor trucks, machine tools, metal forming presses, threads, sprockets, hoists, and anywhere heat is generated from metal-to-metal contact. Ideal for forklift฀maintenance฀of฀cables฀and฀chains฀as฀well฀as฀flexible฀ couplings.
Container Size: 16 oz.Net Weight: 11 oz / 325 ml Case Pack: 12
"6080 Dry Moly Lubricant"

6080-Dry Moly Lubricant

RM 58.30/can MYR
This quick drying lubricant leaves a thin film that provides extreme pressure lubrication.
•฀ Provides฀lubrication฀at฀temperatures฀between฀–100°F฀ to฀700°F฀(–73°฀to฀371°C)
•฀ Withstands฀pressures฀up฀to฀100,000฀psi
•฀ Quick฀drying
•฀ Ideal฀for฀assembly฀and฀break-in฀lubrication
•฀ Resists฀corrosion
•฀ Bonds฀to฀metal฀surfaces฀without฀attracting฀dirt฀or฀dust
•฀ Prevents฀sliding฀or฀threaded฀parts฀from฀seizing฀
•฀ Does฀not฀contain฀oil฀or฀dilutants
Application :฀ Automotive and industrial gaskets, grinding belts, threaded connections, metal belts, rubber components, sliding surfaces and gears, shafts, hinges, cams, bearings, chain drives and pulleys, chutes and bins, vending machines, and conveyor belts where heat is present. Works well in assembly and break-in of motors, machinery, pumps, compressors, and valves.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 11.6 oz / 343 ml
Case Pack: 12
"6075 - Dry Film Lubricant"

6075- Dry Film Lubricant

RM 70.40/can MYR
An industrial strength dry PTFE lubricant that is ideal whenever silicone products are not accessible, and higher temperatures or pressure performance is required.
  • Durable up to 500°F (260°C) for extended periods
  • Will not interfere with post-finishing operations
  • Reduces clean-up labor time
  • Unique, dry lubricating qualities; will not collect dust

Applications: ฀Recommended for use in any situation where reduced friction and drag is desired on plastic, glass, rubber, metal, or wood. Ideal in textiles industry, on instruments, tools, drawers, windows, conveyor belts, cord, wire, and machine parts.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 11 oz / 325 ml
Case Pack: 12
"8078 Dry Graphite Lubricant "

8078-Dry Graphite Lubricant

RM 47.30/can MYR
Designed for engine or mechanical parts prior to their assembly. Made of natural colloidal graphite and is an ideal lubricant when petroleum products must be avoided.
  • Excellent choice for extreme temperature lubrication; between -100°F and 1000°F (-73°C and 538°C)
  • Dry, oil-free coating that won’t attract dirt or dust
  • Does not contain oil or moisture-based dilutants
  • Stops squeaks and sticking on contact with excellent conductivity
  • Uniform coat bond prevents scoring and seizing
  • Unique protective film gives “new finish” appearance
  • For use in manufacturing facilities

Applications:  automotive and industrial gaskets, conveyors, bearings, sliding windows and doors, locks, springs, chains, and pre-assembly lubrication of moving parts.  Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 12 oz/ 355 ml
Case Pack: 12

"8079 Drive belt Dressing"

8079- Drive Belt Dressing

RM 38.50/can MYR
Prevents belt slippage and glazing for better motor efficiency and longer belt life.
  • USDA P-1
  • Restores suppleness and flexibility to belts
  • Increases pulling power up to 50%
  • Reduces squeaks and slippage by aiding in traction
  • Effective on all types of belts, net and used; rubber, canvas, leather, and fabric
  • Will not glaze or collect dirt or dust

Applications:  industrial belt drives including generators and fans, flat, round, or V-style belts, auto fans, water pumps, transmissions, power steering, farm machinery, appliances, air conditioners, and power tools.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 12 oz / 355 ml
Case Pack: 12
"7045 H.D Open Gear & Wire Rope Lube"

7045- H.D. Open Gear & Wire Rope Lube

RM 39.60/can MYR
This high-grade asphaltic grease won’t become brittle and is not affected by weather.  Has outstanding adhesive properties.
  • Minimizes internal friction
  • Displaces water to provide excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Prevents metal bearing surfaces from becoming crazed and brittle
  • Withstands extreme pressure with maximum adhesion
  • Withstands washdowns; migrates on metal surfaces to the core of wire rope and sprint windings
  • Performs at temperatures between 0°F and 160°F (-18°C and 71°C)

Applications:  wire rope, exposed gears, winches, roller chains, elevator cables, conveyor rolls, draglines, and anywhere that lubrication and superior mastic properties are desired.  Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 12 oz / 355 ml
Case Pack: 12

"7043 Wire Rope , chain & cable lubricant"

7043- Wire Rope , Chain & Cable Lube

RM 59.40/can MYR
A high grade lubricating oil that is fortified with molybdenum disulfide to penetrate inaccessible areas and provide superior lubrication where temperature and stress will break down ordinary lubricants.
  • Excellent water displacing characteristics provide corrosion protection
  • Excellent metal penetration
  • Travels deep into wire ropes and exposed gearboxes, and along cabling
  • Dark gray color allows easy visibility
  • Will not wash away or rub off
  • Reduces wear and increases chain life
  • Performs at temperatures between -20°F and 300°F (-29°C and 149°C)
  • FALEX E.P. Test Fallen Load to 4,500 lbs.
  • For use in manufacturing facilities

Application:  chain drives and pins, open gearing, sprockets, wire ropes, bushings, roller, clippers, cables, hoists, conveyors, and other metal surfaces.  Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 12 oz / 355 ml
Case Pack: 12  
"145-Steel Renew"

145-Steel Renew

RM 59.00/can MYR
Provides optimum resistance to weather, abrasion, and corrosion. Protects metal, chrome, ceramic, and copper surfaces.
  • Contains 100% 316L stainless steel pigment
  • Performs at temperatures up to 350°F (177°C)
  • Creates a hard finish ideal for metal parts, equipment, and machinery
  • Withstands high-pressure washdowns
  • Resistant to UV, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acids, and water

Applications:  structural steel, food processing and packaging, equipment, metal parts, industrial equipment, tools, trailers, tanks, and towers.Container Size: 16 oz.
Net Weight: 13 oz / 384 ml
Case Pack: 12